At first, you have to take the risk of all settings. Be carefull about the settings. Dont change what you cannot estimate how it effects the algorithm.

The more Bitcoin you store on exchange so more trades can be done by APITrade! If you want to have more profit per trade just put more Bitcoin to your exchange account!

Info from APITrade support

Earn Bitcoin by Browsing

Get the security-first Browser Brave and earn BAT while surfing your favorite sites in the WWW. This generated Token BAT easily transfer to your generated Binance account and switch it to BNB or others. So you can reduce the costs for transactions and so on.


If you setup your APITrade account you can have a bonus from APITrade! Just open a ticket like

“Hello together, great job you guys are making. Can i have some starter bonus? Thank you” for me i got 5$ bonus!

Panic sells

It may occur, that trades will not be successful… Why? I don’t know BUT let the trade open for at least 45 days and then you can click panic sell. Then you got a 100% loss charge back to your APITrade account. In fact you made a loss but… in the mean time other trades have been successful and decreased your money on APITrade. So its a win situation because you don’t need to put extra money to APITrade!