In my concrete case I decided to use the cloud software ApiTrade.pro. If you don’t want to read any more and “just” want to get started – I would be happy if you would register via my Ref-Link: https://apitrade.pro/

ApiTrade.pro charges you 50% of your trade profit. It is taken directly from your balance on ApiTrade.pro.

Important: ApiTrade.pro has no access to your assets via the API of the exchanges as long as you do not actively activate it (which you should not do).

In addition, of course, the fees on the exchanges for a trade. The however your credit on the stock exchanges are deducted accordingly.

Additinally you can get 5$ Bonus by https://apitrade.pro/5credit.htm! After registration you can contact the Support to optain this bonus to your balance!

Before you start
ApiTrade.pro works with algorithms and machine learning. It is recommended that you create completely new accounts at ApiTrade.pro, Binance (I would be grateful if you would create your account via my Ref-Link!). This ensures that your previous trades do not interfere with the algorithm and that it can start from scratch for you.

In addition it is recommended to use BTC (Bitcoin) as the base currency as this is the currency with which most pairs currently exist.