Please click this Ref-Link:
Then you log in and completely activate the security precautions like 2-factor authentication.


Please click this Ref-Link: Binance

You will then complete the registration and KYC processes. This account is used exclusively for bot trading with

Switches to Binance via your profile menu to “API administration”. Create an API Key named ApiTrade and confirm this with your second factor. You will also receive an email confirming the new API. By confirming the link in the email you will be taken to the page where you will be shown the API key and the secret key. Save these data additionally away or in a safe place.

Ensures that only “Read only” and “Trade” are enabled for API restrictions. Leave the rest on default. 
Deposit at least 0.1 BTC into your account at Binance so that you can participate in good trades. And activate the trade fees via BNB to pay (cheaper). 


Now switch to ApiTrade with the two API’s you created at Binance and Kucoin. In the left navigation menu you choose:

Selects the button “Add exchange”. 

Then you choose a name defined by you, the Exchange (Binance), write in the API key and the API password (Secret) and confirm with “Create new”. 

After the connection has been successfully established, you will be asked to select the algorithms. Select “Set default” for the beginning to make the default settings chosen by the provider. 

These defaults should be enough for you to familiarize with your system.

And now?

If you have followed the above descriptions, the following conditions should now prevail: 

  • Binance account with at least 0.1 BTC available and API active
  • account and added the Exchange via API.

As mentioned above, ApiTrade charges a fee of 50% per profitable trade. This fee is deducted via ApiTrade. This means that we have to “top up” our credit on ApiTrade and should keep watching in the future. 

Via the navigation menu you choose “Add funds”: 

It is best if you top up about 2-5 % of your deposits with ApiTrade for example:

If you have 1.000 USD on the Exchanges it makes sense to charge 20-50 USD. The easiest way to make a deposit is directly via crypto currency. 


The bot has access to your accounts at Binance and Kucoin via the API and can read and trade there. The bot knows which transactions or trades are profitable and charges you 50% of the profit or deducts it automatically from the balance on ApiTrade. 

But now we start?

First of all slowly… You will see that the bot starts very slowly and deliberately. The most normal thing that will happen to you now is that you will update the page every 2 minutes and will not see anything. The bot works in the background (24/7). If there are any results, they will be displayed on the website (buy and sell). 

The best way to see it is in the Trading History menu:

Enclosed is an excerpt from a complete trade and one that is still running: 

Remember, the bot works 24/7/365 and has no FOMO, FUD or other emotions. Just let it run.
Important note: Do not execute trades with the created Exchange accounts yourself, otherwise it will interfere with the machine learning of the bot.