Within 3 days the bot generated 23.08 USD or 20.70 EUR with me. Ok this is not much, but if the system runs 24/7/365 this means about 2.500 EUR profit. Of course depending on the exchange rate of the base currency Bitcoin / BTC)!

After 13 days the bot generated an income about 43,06 USD! Which will be about 1200 USD a year. But will grow exponentially… 

After one month the bot generated an income about 70 USD!

You can of course check it out every day and check that it is perfectly normal as you entrust your money to third parties to trade. I personally trust a performance fee more than a monthly subscription price. Because here al. parties want to make profits! 

Trust you, I am curious how it goes on! And so far I personally have not been disappointed. In the next part I will describe the algorithms for those who want to learn more about them.