The algorithms decide what kind of profit or procedure is made. These include standard and possible for all exchanges:


The algorithm “Chains” is suitable for all coins. Arbitrage situations do not occur very often – they only occur when there is high volatility on the exchanges (for more predictable returns, the provider recommends using the “Waves” algorithm). Intermediate coins will also increase in a chain, with the accumulation of arrears being exchanged in the “Coins” section. Automatic compensation from the system for unfinished chains (about 5% of all trades) is only available for “default settings”. The required minimum amount of one coin on the exchange is 0.01 BTC.

Waves (Bollinger)

If you activate the “Waves” algorithm, the system starts buying coins when their price drops, the balance on the stock exchange at the time of purchase should be lower until the trades are completed. 1 trade lasts 1-2 days on average, but about 1% of all deals last more than 14 days. After 2 weeks you can close the trade with 50% compensation from the system using the “Panic sell” button, after 45 days – with 100% compensation (not at payout). 

We do not recommend choosing the level of caution/risk for beginners! Turn on the 100% risk only if you are confident that the market will grow dramatically because at 100% there will be no reserve for the case. The minimum possible deposit on the exchange for the introduction of the “Waves” credit is 0.02 BTC in a coin (transactions with such a low deposit are not common), the minimum recommended deposit for the effective functioning of the system is 0.1 BTC. Rescue Chains is a new algorithm that uses intra-arbitrage to extract income from old coins purchased under the Waves algorithm.


The most efficient algorithm at the moment. We taught the Waves algorithm not only to buy coins using TA when the price grows, but also to detect “squeezes” – sharp price drops that occur almost instantly, after which the price usually returns. The corresponding option appeared in the “Waves” settings (enabled by default). In this case, only coins in the user blacklist are ignored by the algorithm.


The “Tsunami” algorithm almost unerringly captures the most dramatic increases in the purchase volume of coins in the first seconds.

Fast Growth

The system will keep your portfolio constantly in the fastest growing coins, with limit orders, ladders, intellectual analysis of the order list in exchange for searching for walls, stop losses. Works best on the green market.


The “Tornado” algorithm generates revenue during periods of prolonged market phases in which old coins (including alt coins purchased long ago by the “Waves” algorithm) are inferior.